Genius Screens

Assembled in the USA from our modern and efficient facilities, Genius is the dominant supplier of retractable screen technology to many of the world’s best known window and door manufacturers.

DFM Italia - Innovazione & Design

The DFM srl, producer of the patented pleated insect-screen, has the perfect solution for you! 


Our cutting-edge and sturdy products have been developed in manay projects in homes and offices around the world

WHEN WE START A PROJECT,  we think about its several aspects associated with design like location, function, and many technical issues to make the best image FOR THE PROJECT IN ITS SPECIFIC FUNCTION.



Faraone Srl

FARAONE was one of the first companies to adopt the innovative technology of the point-fixed glass system, and quickly became a leader in the field. 



Our History

After working more than 5 years with  two reputable  and liable companies, we are ready to provide the best products and services for our valuable customers. Both of Faraone Srl and DFM Srl are very famous and innovator company in the structural glass and screen industry.

Faraone does not only produce balustrades, but also partitions, doors, canopies, structures for urban planning/streets, also  interior staircases and a wide range of railing and  external structures.

DFM srl, producer of the patented pleated insect-screen, has the perfect solution for your project with a full of variety.
These are fundamental believes in our company, Alucana Architectural Systems:

  • Always do right by the materials, the location, and the function
  • Never forget what's  your specific needs and requirements
  • Always update the material with aesthetic European styles