DFM in the World

We have been operating on the home decoration market since 1979, and since 2003 on the technical curtain and insect screen market, with the highest focus on our Customers, the utmost respect for our Suppliers and the protection of the environment which is our home.
Thanks to the intuition of Sergio Marcantoni and the designs of Lucia Di Francesco, DFM has grown signifiantly in the insect screen sector, becoming a reference point in Italy and throughout the world.

We assure the complete satisfaction of the customers because our products are offered exclusively by highly qualified professionals like you and give you the full gratification of your clients creating a significant word of mouth.

No similarity with consumer products: our dynamic team of experts is specializedexclusively on the pleated products and is working for continuous innovation. 

No price war: our products are aimed to a selected target as professionals of the window and this means that is possible to obtain a better gain compare to the rollmosquito-nets.

DFM in Italy