Zeroquattro is a horizontal-movement pleated insect screen that comes in a preassembled kit with a 4-mm track at floor level. 
Overall dimensions of only 22 mm! The preassembled kit truly reduces the installation time of pleated insect screens, while the patented system allows for smooth and pleasant movements. The clean and beautiful lines were specifically devised by the Designer Lucia Di Francesco to turn BlockFly Zeroquattro into a furnishing item, in addition to an insect screen 
In fact, design is a crucial element, and this is why DFM, a Rome-based insect screen manufacturer, turns to a designer such as Lucia Di Francesco when developing its projects. The colours of both profiles and nets were also carefully selected. Moreover, DFM’s pleated net offers important qualities: it has obtained certifications such as 2nd category for wind resistance, energy savings and soundproofing of background noise, it is available in 10 colours and in the special metallized and anti-pollen versions, and it can be easily disassembled and washed.

Unlike spring-operated insect screens, the pleated insect screens always work, even after they have not been used for a long time, as there are no mechanisms or boxes.Type your paragraph here.